Alzheimer's Disease Can Impact Mental Health.

Where Alzheimer’s & Mental Health Meet

It’s important to remember, that mental health is equally as important for Alzheimer’s disease patients as physical health. In this blog, we explore how Alzheimer’s and mental illness meet and how research continues to find more critical links. We often hear the term mental health mentioned loosely in conversation but may fail to remember what …

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Alzheimer’s: The Power of Prevention Research

Prevention Research Explained  Made up of researchers from varied backgrounds and areas of focus, prevention research helps determines risk factors that put someone at risk of developing a particular condition, illness, or disease. It’s used to assess the associated health risks and recommend various preventative measures to help prevent those from developing that medical condition. …

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Addressing early onset Alzheimer's

Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease where proteins build up in the brain to form structures that cause brain cells to die. In turn, these plaques or “tangles” affect the functions controlled by the brain. Alzheimer’s disease is more prevalent in people after the age of 65. However, early onset or “younger onset” Alzheimer’s is when symptoms …

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